A Timeline of Art: Pop Art Sculpture
Monumental Candy

Students were asked to bring in a piece of wrapped candy or a candy bar--and weren't told why! When they arrived in class with their sweets, they were shown several pictures of Oldenburg's sculptures.

Suddenly they understood that they would be creating large sculptures of their candy!

They looked at the packaging and noticed the relative size, as well as the length to width proportions. Using a ruler, they measured the length, width and height of their packaged candy. All prospective sculptures were limited to two feet in length, and then students set up mathematical ratios to determine the correct proportions for their sculptures.

Once they had determined the dimensions of their sculpture, they used matboard to create the basic form.

Newspaper was stuffed inside of the form to help support it.

Once they had achieved a relatively solid and stable form, they began the papier-mache' process.

After their pieces were dry, they sketched on the logo (trying very hard to make the text look like the actual text and not their normal handwriting!) and began to paint.

Finished Sculptures, ala Oldenburg!

A similar Middle School sculpture project based
on the work of Oldenburg may be found here.


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