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Sir Simon, The Orange

The little kitty boy finally has a name: Simon. My son tried out several names and though they were nice, they just didn’t seem to fit. The name Simon apparently means “listening” and given that this little orange ball of … Continue reading

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New Skills & Lesson Reinforcement

Simon, Niko and Kian (male sealpoint) spent a long time on the porch on the evening of July 4th. While Niko and Kian are satisfied to just sit and watch Simon’s antics, I’m starting to wonder when this little kitten … Continue reading

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Etiquette Training: Learning to be a Proper Cat

Friends involved in rescue work have told me that it’s very important for kittens — especially only/orphaned kittens — to be “socialized” by other cats. Based on the interactions between Simon and my lynxpoint male, Niko, I can see that … Continue reading

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Got Siamese?

A friend of mine (hi, Michael 🙂 ) recently posted pictures on the SICC message board of a clock his parents had given him which features a tabby cat with a “ticking” tail. Quite cute, and he said that (according … Continue reading

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Whirling Dervish with Ninja Moves

So much for the cuddly little baby with lion-cub ears! Simon, now about 8 weeks old (we assume), is in constant motion, except when he’s sound asleep! (And he’s staying awake and actively playing for much longer stretches.) Just in … Continue reading

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