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Simon’s Vet Visit

I’m delighted to report that Simon received a clean bill of health from the vet this morning! His combo test (for FeLV and FIV) was negative (whew!), he weighs 2 pounds, 1 ounce, and the vet estimates his age at … Continue reading

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The Best Part of Simon’s Day

Simon spent most of Sunday with his “GrandMeowm” and “GrandPaw,” then got in his magical traveling box (i.e. his carrier) and came to see me until his “Daddy” picked him up after work. Simon loves his Daddy; you can see … Continue reading

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Simon Visits the Porch

Today for the first time I let Simon explore the screened back porch. Before now I was worried that his legs would slip into the spaces between the boards! At first he was very hesitant about being in the “big … Continue reading

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Simon: June 22, 2007

Four weeks ago, Simon (known then as “little orange kitten”), was so tiny that he could fit in the palm of my son’s hand: He’s certainly grown and changed a lot since then, with running, jumping and exploring being high … Continue reading

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Simon: Doing What Kitties Do, June 19, 2007

Simon is now approximately 6-1/2 weeks old and he’s doing great! He’s eating well: Using his litterbox (his expression tells me this is NOT something that needs to be shared with the world!): Playing a LOT: And — for the … Continue reading

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