Simon’s Vet Visit

I’m delighted to report that Simon received a clean bill of health from the vet this morning! His combo test (for FeLV and FIV) was negative (whew!), he weighs 2 pounds, 1 ounce, and the vet estimates his age at 8 weeks, confirming the first vet’s estimate of 3 weeks of age when my son found him.

It’s getting hard to remember just how small he was. Thank goodness we took lots of pictures! 🙂

May 25, 2007

May 26, 2007

Edited to add that my son said that the (female) vet and two (young female) vet techs were all in the room during Simon’s exam. Yep, I’m sure that these three women were all simply “smitten with kitten” and that my son’s presence had absolutely nothing to do with it! 😉

(Pictures taken June 2)

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Whirling Dervish with Ninja Moves

So much for the cuddly little baby with lion-cub ears! Simon, now about 8 weeks old (we assume), is in constant motion, except when he’s sound asleep! (And he’s staying awake and actively playing for much longer stretches.) Just in the past few days we’ve noticed that his tail now twitches and lashes around a lot and he’s noticed this, too. So far I haven’t been able to get a video of him chasing his tail, but that’s happening fairly regularly. 🙂

It’s funny how even when he’s beating the crap out of a toy, he’s still making sure that I’m watching him. And as this clip shows, he can move very, very quickly!

And he totally cracks me up with his new fancy footwork and ninja moves:

What a busy, busy boy he is!

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The Best Part of Simon’s Day

Simon spent most of Sunday with his “GrandMeowm” and “GrandPaw,” then got in his magical traveling box (i.e. his carrier) and came to see me until his “Daddy” picked him up after work.

Simon loves his Daddy; you can see it in the way he looks at him:

It’s a relationship built on trust…

…and love….

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Simon Visits the Porch

Today for the first time I let Simon explore the screened back porch. Before now I was worried that his legs would slip into the spaces between the boards! At first he was very hesitant about being in the “big world,” with all the new sights and sounds. (In addition to all of the bird sounds, my neighbors were having a cookout and children were laughing and playing.)

Therefore, as Simon demonstrates, it’s always important to do a perimeter check when you’re in a new place:

And of course you never know who might be watching (in this case it’s Niko):

Once you feel a bit more secure, then it’s perfectly reasonable to feign an attack and try to figure out how to escape. (How does a kitten who’s never seen a screen door before know it’s an exit?!)

Simon crouched at the end of this clip because he was startled by a bird that flew right by the screen! All in all, though, he really enjoyed having a change of scenery!

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Simon: June 22, 2007

Four weeks ago, Simon (known then as “little orange kitten”), was so tiny that he could fit in the palm of my son’s hand:

He’s certainly grown and changed a lot since then, with running, jumping and exploring being high on his list of fun things to do:

Even though I’ve tried to keep Simon separate from my other kitties until he’s been tested and vaccinated, my lynxpoint Siamese, Niko, has other ideas. In the past couple of days as I’ve tried to slip out of the “isolation room,” Niko has managed to fly over the gate and through the door — all to Simon’s utter delight.

The first time this happened, Simon was in full play mode near the door and as soon as Niko jumped in, Simon pounced on his head and started biting him! Niko responded by rolling over and gently hugging Simon. He started bathing him before I had the chance to grab him and escort him out, but these two really, really want to be friends.

Niko darted into the room again last night and he and Simon immediately went under the bed where I couldn’t reach them! While Niko looks “threatening” in this picture with his upraised paw, again he was really being quite gentle with Simon:

After taking a couple of quick pictures, I again escorted Niko out of the room. If all goes well after Simon’s vet appointment next week, I’ll let them have more of a chance to play and interact.

I know that my “kitten-sitting” days won’t last forever — soon Simon will be old enough to stay by himself while my son is working — but maybe it’s important for Simon to have the opportunity to be “socialized” by other cats, especially since he’s grown up without a mom-cat and siblings.

To see more of my special “furriends,” please click on the animation below to go to the pets pages on my website:

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