Kayaking – July 26, 2015

First non-pet update in a long, long time! ¬†Thought I’d share some pictures from today’s outing. ūüôā

We bought kayaks last summer, mainly to use on a large reservoir that’s about 5 miles from our house. ¬†Since it’s a nearby, we’d just throw them in the back of our old (and not always dependable) Ford pickup truck and take off.

A while back we bought some Malone kayak racks, knowing that we want to go places that the pickup might not be able to take us, and today we decided to try them out.

One of the first challenges was trying to get the straps threaded through the upright supports of the rack in the center of the 4Runner. ¬†I couldn’t reach this with a step-stool and had to get a ladder! ¬†Then trying to lift the kayaks to the roof of the car was the next challenge! ¬†We were both more than a little frustrated by the time we finally had them on the roof….


Fortunately, we were able to get the kayaks off the car pretty easily once we got to the lake, and away we went!

00-Wayne 01-BeaverCreek 04-Sharon 05-Sharon

The day was very sunny and quite warm,¬†so we crossed the lake to the shady side. ¬†Much better–especially when a breeze would come up!

We headed off the main lake into one of the coves…


There were turtles sunning on a log, with¬†dragonflies and butterflies darting around above the water. ¬†Just seemed like a magical place on this beautiful day.¬† ūüôā

08-Turtles 11-Cove

When we finally paddled back across the lake to the shore, we were able to get the kayaks loaded onto the roof of the car a bit more easily. ¬†I hope we get this figured out soon because there are so many ¬†lakes and rivers we’d love to explore!


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Honey-dawg, February 15, 1994 – May 23, 2008

My little Honey-girl lost her battle with heart failure and was helped to the Bridge a little before midnight last night. Before we left the house for our last ride together in the car, I watched in amazement as the cats tried to bring forth another miracle healing of their canine friend. But this time it wasn’t meant to be….

Her spirit was peacefully released from her exhausted, spent body at the emergency clinic where she was first taken in February 2003. As I told the wonderfully compassionate vet last night, while we never have enough time with our beloved companions, I’m grateful that Honey and I had “bonus” time together after the accident that nearly claimed her life five years ago.

So thank you, Honey, for being a kind and tolerant member of a household run by cats, and for sharing your bed — and your life — with us all.

Thank you for being my friend and constant companion — my “velcro dog” — for fourteen fast, fleeting years.

I hope you’ve found your doggy-friend, Spotty, whose spirit also left this earth at the age of fourteen in August 2006, and I also hope you’ve found my Dad. He loved you, too, you know.

Run free, run strong and take delight in what you discover on this part of your journey. But wait for me, Honeybear, and remember that you’ll always be my baby girl.

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Simon: Basket Case Kitten

“Hellooooo! Anybody home?”

“Oh, hi! Are you pretendin’ to be the troll under the bridge?”

“I shall vanquish you, nasty troll, with my mighty ninja moves!”

“What makes you think Niko’s gettin’ mad? We’s just playin’!”

“In yer basket! Two points for the little cat!”

Simon continues to grow and change. He’s now 12 weeks old — the age that most reputable breeders recommend for separating moms & kittens…. Poor Simon never had the advantage of growing up with a mom cat and siblings; my son found him when he was just 3 weeks old.

Most of the time he’s still playing too rough and aggressively with my other cats, but I managed to take a quick picture while he was catching his breath on my bed after random terrorizing. You can see from Riley’s expression that he wasn’t but so thrilled to have Simon that close to him….

Most of the time that Simon is out and about, the other furkids try to avoid him.

Honey-dawg and Cirrus “hide” under my computer desk:

Kian opts to watch from on top of my computer monitor:

Awww….but what’s not to love about a little orange kitten? ūüėČ

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Simon: “You’ve Got Mail!”

It was a pretty typical day here at the kitten daycare center and Simon was (typically) busy terrorizing the resident cats.

Something special was in the works, however, because earlier in the day a package had arrived in the mail — and it was addressed to HIM! With a return address of Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue, I was sure it contained some goodies from the Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue eBay Store, but I had no idea who it was from!

That evening I told Simon he could LOOK at the package, but he couldn’t open it until his “Daddy” got home. Waiting was sheer torture, especially since his behavior let me know that he was smelling — and reacting to — catnip!

“Oh, GrandMeowmy, purrrr-lease??!”

Daddy finally got home and Simon turned those sad little eyes on him. But wait — would we be contributing to the delinquency of a minor by giving catnip to a kitten?! Yeah, probably!

But with no further ado, we opened the package, and oh my, what a bountiful bag of kitty toys! Simon didn’t know what to play with first!

And within the bag we found a note from the sender:

Thank you, Auntie Kaye! What a wonderful surprise and wonderful toys! Simon just lubs them!!

You can help support Siamese Rescue efforts by purchasing Simon-endorsed and reasonably-priced cat-related merchandise through the eBay store listed above. You can also get some goodies for the special kitties in YOUR life by clicking on the link below:

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Simon: Fearless/Foolish

Despite cat etiquette training by Niko and my other cats, Simon still doesn’t seem to understand that there’s more to life than simply — and repeatedly — pouncing on other members of one’s species. In a rare moment of discretion/common sense, he considers attacking my male sealpoint Kian, changes his mind, and gives him a quick “kiss” instead:

On Saturday when he was staying with his other GrandMeowm and PawPaw, there apparently was just entirely too much temptation to demonstrate his fierce and intimidating ninja moves in front of one of their kitties:

Using his speed, he was able to escape, unscathed, from this encounter (you can hear his GrandMeowm say, “Uh, oh — hit and run!”) but he was soundly smacked on the head a few minutes later. When he’s reprimanded by an adult cat, he may be momentarily subdued, but I really think he’s just taking a moment to regroup and plan his next offensive campaign.

At this point, Simon could clearly benefit from reading the feline equivalent of “How to Win Friends and Influence People”….

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