Fun Afternoon at a Ceramics Studio

This year our school started something new–asking each Advisory group to plan an enrichment activity that would involve a field trip of some sort.  My first proposal was to visit Maymont in Richmond, Virginia.  With its mansion filled with Art Nouveau treasures, formal gardens, wildlife exhibits and so much more, Maymont is “enriching” on many, many levels!

When it was not going to be possible to be gone for a full day, however, I started looking for something local that my advisees (7 girls, in grades 8-10) might enjoy.  I’m so glad I thought of offering them a “painting party” at Lazy Daisy Ceramics!

The school covered the flat-rate studio fee for each girl (which included all paints/glazes, use of the brushes, studio space and assistance), and then the girls purchased the items they wanted to paint.  Prices for the unglazed pieces ranged from $3 to well over $20 (for large items), and most girls chose a piece that was around $10.  There was a wide variety of items from which to choose!  Some girls opted for figurines, others for mugs, some for plates, etc.  And once they had chosen and paid for the piece they wanted to paint, and selected the colors they wanted to use, they started painting!

08-Grace-Rabbit  09-Cathy-Mug

10-Jordan-Saucer  11-Emily-Mug

12-Kayleigh-Girl-Wolf  13-Olivia-Tray

14-Sherry-Penguin  15-Cathy-Mug

16-Sherry-FlowerBowl  17-Grace-Rabbit

18-Olivia-Tray  19-Emily-Mug

We were at the studio for a little over two hours, and everyone finished at least one piece.  Can’t wait to see these next week after they’re fired!


It was a nice change of pace from our school schedule, and a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon!

Update: May 5, 2016

Here are a few pictures of the finished pieces:




27-FinishedPieces  26-FinishedPieces


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