More Sewing Projects

Feeling somewhat like a “one trick (sewing) pony,” I’ve continued to experiment with designing and making various types of purses, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing with all the fun fabrics and bright, colorful linings.  I plan to start selling these before too long, but so far all of these “first generation” purses have been given as gifts to family members and friends.

In exchange for the purse, each friend has agreed to be a “product tester.”  They will make sure that the strap length is correct and that the sewn-on D-rings stand up to regular use. I want to make sure that everything works correctly before offering them for sale!

These are so, so cute–and functional, too!  Each one has a front zippered pocket and a top zippered pocket.  They are approximately 8″ high x 6″ wide, with 42-44″ straps.  Plenty of room inside for a phone, keys, cards and cash, and the quilting offers padding and protection.

“Happy Cats” fabric with Waverly Inspirations hot pink dotted lining.


“Kat-tastic Katopia” fabric with various lining fabrics:

Kat-tastic-Katopia-Yellow-120315  Kat-tastic-Katopia-Orange

Kat-tastic-Katopia-Yellow-Straps-120415   Kat-tastic-Katopia-PinkDotted-120615-2

“Whiskers & Tails” fabric–so adorably “retro”!

WhiskersTails-TwistCarnation-120315 WhiskersTails-HotPink-120315

“Curious Cats Tossed Postcards” fabric with Waverly Inspirations blue dotted lining:

PostcardCats-Blue PostcardCats-Back

In the meantime, my cousin asked me to make a cross body bag for her out of an old pair of her jeans.  This posed some extra challenges (who knew that jeans pockets aren’t symmetrical?!), so I’ll explore this idea further. 🙂

Jeans-Crossbody-1-120615 Jeans-Crossbody-2-120615

Jeans-Crossbody-3-120615 Jeans-Crossbody-4-120615


This purse (measuring approximately 12″ wide at the top, 10″ wide at the bottom and a little over 2″ from front to back due to the boxed corners), has a large front zippered pocket, a recessed top zipper and another zippered pocket inside.  It was donated to Siamese Rescue for their silent auction fundraiser on December 12, 2015.


Interior of the “Happy Cats” purse, showing the inner pocket and on the Silent Auction table. 🙂

HappyCatsPurse-112815-LiningPocket  HappyCatsPurse-121215-SilentAuction

I absolutely LOVE these fun and colorful cat-themed fabrics!




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