Simon Visits the Porch

Today for the first time I let Simon explore the screened back porch. Before now I was worried that his legs would slip into the spaces between the boards! At first he was very hesitant about being in the “big world,” with all the new sights and sounds. (In addition to all of the bird sounds, my neighbors were having a cookout and children were laughing and playing.)

Therefore, as Simon demonstrates, it’s always important to do a perimeter check when you’re in a new place:

And of course you never know who might be watching (in this case it’s Niko):

Once you feel a bit more secure, then it’s perfectly reasonable to feign an attack and try to figure out how to escape. (How does a kitten who’s never seen a screen door before know it’s an exit?!)

Simon crouched at the end of this clip because he was startled by a bird that flew right by the screen! All in all, though, he really enjoyed having a change of scenery!

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