Simon: Doing What Kitties Do, June 19, 2007

Simon is now approximately 6-1/2 weeks old and he’s doing great!

He’s eating well:

Using his litterbox (his expression tells me this is NOT something that needs to be shared with the world!):

Playing a LOT:

And — for the first time — drinking water out of a bowl. This is a major accomplishment because I think sometimes he still wants his bottle just because he’s thirsty. He still hasn’t really mastered the art of drinking like a big cat (funny, because he dips his nose in it too far and then has to lick, lick, lick!) but it’s definitely a milestone.

It’s hard work learning how to be a cat and he still gets very, very sleepy….

Sleep well, sweet boy!

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  1. Acoustic Bob says:

    Just like little Simba, he looks like he just can’t wait to be King!

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