Simon–Growing Up!

The changes in a baby kitten in less than a couple of weeks are nothing short of amazing. Little Simon has gone from this, on May 25th:

to this, on June 5th!

Each day brings new skills and abilities. He still sleeps a lot (he’s not quite 5 weeks old) but when he’s awake he’s quite active, as this video shows:

He also seems to be teething and this leads to some frustration when he’s drinking from his bottle. He starts chewing on it and flailing his front legs. The kitten formula is coming fast enough, but I think it just hurts his mouth to try to suck on it.

We haven’t had a whole lot of success yet getting him to eat softened kitten food–more goes on him than in him–but he’s figured out what the litterbox is for, and that’s a BIG step in the right direction!

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2 Responses to Simon–Growing Up!

  1. Jude says:


  2. Alex N. says:

    It’s like watching a miracle in slow-motion…

    Thank You for caring for little Simon, and sharing him with us!

    It’s feels so sweet from far away; up close and touchable it must be truly heart warming!

    Bless Your Kindness!


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