Sir Simon, The Orange

The little kitty boy finally has a name: Simon. My son tried out several names and though they were nice, they just didn’t seem to fit. The name Simon apparently means “listening” and given that this little orange ball of fluff is becoming much more aware of his environment, it seems appropriate. And so Simon he is.

Too bad it’s not possible to do time-lapse photography on the growth of a kitten because he’s probably doubled in size in the last week! He’s still tiny and very fragile, but he’s starting to look more and more like a very young cat and less like such an … “infant.” His little “lion cub” rounded ears have morphed into pointy kitty ears.

After he eats, he really enjoys a “mommy-cat bath”: I get a warm, wet washcloth and wash his face, chest, paws, tummy. He really blisses out with that, and just purrs and purrs when I dry him off with a towel.

He’s such a sweet baby!

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