And the Cats Keep Coming….

I didn’t trap anyone last week (sigh…), and I just haven’t had the time this week to set the traps out.  However, I HAVE set up the trail cam a few times.  Sometimes there’s been nothing on the camera, but on the evening of February 1st, I got a couple of good pictures:

I’m pretty sure that the cat in the foreground is the long-ish haired black kitty.  If you look closely, it appears that the top of the left ear has been tipped.

But take a look at the cat behind her with its perfectly pointy ear….  I’m wondering if this could be the orange kitten that I couldn’t trap last month (even though I trapped its sister). Could it have grown that much between the last time I saw it and now?  I’m not sure….

And this picture was also on the camera:

At first I thought it was the gray cat with white socks that I saw last week:

But nope–the gray kitty doesn’t have as much white on the side of its face.  (!)

Weather and time permitting, I’ll try to set out the traps again a few days next week.  Based on my pictures and others I’ve seen, I guess there are at least 4 untrapped cats coming to the feeding station.  (And yes, I’m probably naive by saying “4”…)

In the meantime, I’m trying to find some other boarding students who will be willing to help out with feeding on the weekend.  The girls who’ve been doing this for the last few weeks have been great, but they’re teenagers who’d really love to have a weekend “off” to sleep until noon!  As a thank you for their help, I made each of them a cat-themed coin purse. 🙂

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