And Even MORE Cats…..

Last week one of my co-workers told me that his children had seen a couple of half-grown kittens on another part of our large campus.    After the kids showed me where they’d seen them (in and around a large pile of cut trees where a new road is going in), I set up the trail cam to see if anyone showed up.

The camera didn’t record any kitties, and there have been no new sightings…. 🙁

On Monday, January 16th, the only cat I personally saw was our regular–the orange and white girl.  She visits the feeding station just about every day.


On Tuesday, January 24th, I saw a really fat kitty approaching the feeder.  I got my camera, zoomed in, and was surprised to see that this was the second TNR white & calico girl that I hadn’t seen since I released her on January 13th!  Clearly, these cats are eating well somewhere, but I’m not sure if they’re just eating leftover food from the dining hall that they find in the dumpsters, or if they’re finding food somewhere else.  No clue…


The orange and white girl also showed up again on Tuesday. No surprise, there. 🙂


People on campus have told me they’ve seen the long-haired TNR black kitty since she was released on the afternoon of January 13th, so I know she’s doing well, too, and one of my co-workers said she saw her at the feeding station.

Early Wednesday morning (January 25th), I got a text from my co-worker about two cats “acting strange” down in the woods–cats she hadn’t seen before (oh geez….).  One was gray with white feet, and the other was white with some orange on it.  She said they were making a lot of noise.  Hmmm… Territorial dispute OR a girl and boy kitty in the early stages of “courtship”?

I wasn’t sure what to do since we weren’t aware of these cats coming to the feeding station, and I wasn’t totally prepared.  But since I still HAD traps, I set out a total of four in a couple of different locations.  I had some not-too-smelly canned food to use as bait (surprised I had it in my car–ha–imagine that….) AND I put some food in the feeding station to try to draw them closer.  Soon, one of the “new” cats–the gray one–made its way to the feeding station.  I didn’t see the other new one, though I’ll admit that I’m not ALWAYS looking out the windows of the art room! 😉



This one cautiously ate, then disappeared down into the woods.  It bypassed all the traps, but I guess I’ll set them out again tomorrow using better “bait.”

While I might “RE-catch” some, I’d sure love to trap the two we spotted today in order to add them to the Clipped Ear Club!

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