Feral Cats & Kitten – Round 2….

We knew there were more feral cats that we’d need to trap, and we’re starting to get an idea of just how *many* more….

Over the Christmas break, I set up a trail cam near the feeding area to see who showed up.  I could tell (by the clipped left ear) that one was the orange and white female we’d trapped and had spayed earlier in the month.  But who were these other cats?


I set up a feeding station (that my friend, Kim, let me borrow), and today I saw the orange and white TNR girl again.


Aha!  SHE has kittens!!  One is a fluffy white and orange, and the other is a more solid orange.  These kittens appear to be at least a few weeks older than the first kittens we trapped.


I don’t know if these babies are too old to be socialized or not.  I guess we’ll try to figure that out once we trap them. (As a side note, the first 4 kittens that we trapped are doing well!  A couple of them may be ready for adoption soon!)

After this mama cat and her kits had eaten their fill, yet another adult cat showed up.  At first I thought she was a white and black kitty, but once she got closer, I could tell that she was mainly white with some calico markings (meaning it’s very likely that this is another female).



She was very skittish and wary, and this might make her more difficult to trap…. I also saw the long-haired black cat again today, but he (?) didn’t come for food.

I’ll start borrowing traps again next week to try to catch the new ones.  In the meantime, we hope to have at least one feral shelter ready to go by the end of the week.  It will be an insulation-lined large, plastic storage tote that we’ll fill with straw.

I really hope that we can trap all of these cats and have them spayed/neutered before kitten season begins again in earnest….

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2 Responses to Feral Cats & Kitten – Round 2….

  1. Betsy Ballenger says:

    Read this second, so I see you do know the tiger/orange/white kitty is probably a female. Maybe she is the mother of the 4 you caught? Good luck and let me know how I can help.

  2. Sharon says:

    Thanks so much, Betsy–really appreciate your help and encouragement!

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