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Simon: Basket Case Kitten

“Hellooooo! Anybody home?” “Oh, hi! Are you pretendin’ to be the troll under the bridge?” “I shall vanquish you, nasty troll, with my mighty ninja moves!” “What makes you think Niko’s gettin’ mad? We’s just playin’!” “In yer basket! Two … Continue reading

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Simon: “You’ve Got Mail!”

It was a pretty typical day here at the kitten daycare center and Simon was (typically) busy terrorizing the resident cats. Something special was in the works, however, because earlier in the day a package had arrived in the mail … Continue reading

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Simon: Fearless/Foolish

Despite cat etiquette training by Niko and my other cats, Simon still doesn’t seem to understand that there’s more to life than simply — and repeatedly — pouncing on other members of one’s species. In a rare moment of discretion/common … Continue reading

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Simon – July 8, 2007

Simon spent the day with his GrandMeowm & GrandPaw. I went over for a quick visit this evening and to take them another can of kitten food. Of course I had to take my camera along. 😉 Simon was having … Continue reading

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Today in the Garden

My flowerbeds, in general, are still a mess and overrun with weeds, but individuals are doing well! The Birdbath-Shade Garden (in the location of the former “pondlette”) features heucheras, a Patriot hosta, liriope and impatiens: The hostas on the back … Continue reading

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