Camping on Gwynn’s Island – August 11-14, 2020

Tuesday – August 11, 2020

Swing bridge leading to Gwynn’s Island in Mathews County, Virginia

From our campsite right on the Chesapeake Bay, we were able to watch
the Perseid meteor shower and the rising red quarter moon.
What a magical experience!

Wednesday – August 12, 2020

The swing bridge was closing as we were ready to leave the island for a day trip.
Do you see the Osprey riding along in its nest?

Wayne met up with an old friend who built this boat.
Coincidentally, one of my former co-workers used to keep his boat in this same marina,
and Wayne’s friend knew him quite well.

We drove through Cross Rip Campground while we were in Deltaville.

Waiting for a take-out order at Southwind Cafe in Mathews, VA.

Dinner at our campsite: Lobster rolls, sweet potato fries & salad–delicious!

Approaching storm….

The storm lasted for HOURS….!

Thursday – August 13, 2020

Dolphins in the Bay in our front “yard.”

We saw a Red-headed Woodpecker on our way into New Point RV Resort.

From New Point, we drove north to Bethel Beach.

Next, we went to Haven Beach. The water felt wonderful!

Wolf Trap Light and a water spout (that–fortunately–went back into the cloud…)

Back on the island, waiting for a take-out order at Hole in the Wall Waterfront Grill.

Dinner at our campsite: Fried oysters appetizer, followed by crab cakes, fried shrimp,
creamed spinach, coleslaw, and a bottle of Chardonnay (from Stinson Vineyards).

The sounds these frogs make are so funny!

After walking back to our campsite, jagged streaks of lightning signaled the approach of another strong storm. The cloud-to-cloud lightning looked like electric dragons stretching and writhing across the sky, and soon torrential rain and heavy wind straight off the Bay began pummeling the front of our trailer. By (wisely) closing our front window cover we couldn’t see out that way, but I’m sure the waves were coming over the rock wall!

Friday – August 14, 2020

Northeast view from our bedroom window, and East view from our campsite.
We had sunshine, rain, and more sun all before 9:00 am.

Ready to leave–but NOT ready to leave…. Gwynn’s Island is such a special place!

So blessed and so thankful to have had this wonderful adventure!
We’d love to return to Gwynn’s Island next summer!

Until next time,

Sharon & Wayne

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Camping Near Williamsburg, VA – July 21-23, 2020

We’ve felt pretty comfortable regarding the whole social distancing thing when we’ve camped at rural state parks this summer, but I had some real concerns about going to or staying in a more populated area. Hoping to have some beach time without officially staying in Virginia Beach, we made reservations at American Heritage RV Park near Williamsburg, Virginia. We were familiar with the campground as we stayed there last year, and while it’s certainly different from a state park, we’ve found it to be a clean, safe, and quiet environment.

We knew it was going to be hot–and we seem to have a knack for camping during heat waves–so the temperature when we got there really wasn’t a surprise:

After we had everything set up, we went over to York River State Park, as we did the previous year, while cumulonimbus clouds formed in the sky.

Almost as soon as the York River came into view, I heard the sound of Ospreys. We spotted them at the edge of the river in a tree behind the visitor’s center. There were two on a branch, and one was enjoying a late lunch or early dinner:

It was a relatively short walk to a trail that leads down to the river, but the heat was still oppressive, even in the shade.

We took a couple of “selfies” once we got to the beach area, just to show we’d made it. 😉

A young couple was also braving the heat along the river, and they said they’d just seen a snake go under one of the trees on the beach. We didn’t see it, but this gets filed under “Note to Self” for whenever we visit again!

With the clouds continuing to build, we drove back to the campground. A tree near our campsite had an interesting mark on it. What do you think–was this a natural phenomenon, or did someone carve this into the bark? What do you see?

Usually when we’re in Williamsburg–or Virginia Beach–we treat ourselves to dinner one night at Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant. While the restaurant in Williamsburg is now open for in-person dining (which surprised me), this time we opted to do curbside pickup. We ordered the “Ultimate Captain’s Seafood Feast for Two,” and as we waited in the car for our food to be brought out, I noticed that everyone going into the restaurant–or coming out–was wearing a mask. Good.

Soon we were heading back to the campground with our food, and what a feast it was! Our dinner for two included 2 pounds of crab legs, a pound each of steamed shrimp, baby clams, and mussels, 2 ears of corn, and baby potatoes. WOW!!!

It was absolutely AMAZING! And yes, we ate ALL of it! 😉

After cleaning up, we sat outside for a while. It was still hot and humid, but we were impressed with how incredibly quiet the campground was–and how incredibly loud the cicadas and other night bugs were! Good summer sounds. 🙂

When we came in for the night, we rolled up the awning and made sure that everything around our campsite was secure. After midnight the storms that we’d been anticipating all day started moving through, and they continued most of the night. This was the first time we’d been in our trailer when there was torrential rain, intense lightning, and ground-rattling thunder, and I was thankful that I’d recently purchased a surge protector for our electrical system, thankful that our power stayed on, and even more thankful that we weren’t in a tent!

Fortunately, all was well in the morning (another hot one) so we set out for Virginia Beach, which was a little more than an hour’s drive down I-64 East.

We got to Nick’s Restaurant on Laskin Road after they’d stopped serving breakfast, but since they had tables set up outside in a bit of shade, we ate an early lunch there. After that, we went to the section of First Landing State Park that’s on 64th Street. As usual, we spotted Ospreys and other large birds as we drove into the park.

And as usual, we kept our camera busy while walking along the beautiful Cape Henry Trail! 🙂

When we left the park, Wayne knew of a place on the north end of Virginia Beach where he could get in the ocean for a while. I opted not to swim, but holding an umbrella over my head, I bravely crossed the “Sahara” with him to walk out towards the water….

This part of the beach wasn’t at all crowded, and he thoroughly enjoyed swimming in the ocean!

We then drove to another section of First Landing State Park (where the campground is), and even though there’s a beautiful beach on the Chesapeake Bay there (and bathhouses), I just didn’t feel like changing into my suit–or even getting out of the car. I was ready to go “home,” and definitely ready to get out of the heat.

When we got back to the campground there were only a few people in the pool, and then I was ready to swim. The water felt great, and it was a nice way to finally cool down after such a steamy, sticky day.

The previous night for dinner we’d had our “Ultimate Feast for 2.” Because we hadn’t realized just how much food would be included, we’d ordered an extra pound of crab legs, along with a couple of servings of a seafood casserole. I steamed the crab legs in the electric skillet to warm them up while Wayne microwaved the casserole, and we feasted once again! Yes, while we missed the dining-in experience which offers a wide variety of salads, vegetables, desserts, and more, being able to have two fabulous meals in our little home on wheels–for the price of one in the restaurant–was pretty cool. 🙂

Camping in Virginia during the summer months often means high temperatures and strong storms, and this summer certainly poses even more challenges due to the pandemic. But by being sensible about hydration, limiting our time outside in the heat, and by being cautious–but not fearful–we’ve greatly enjoyed our midweek outings. We look forward to exploring more beautiful places in the state in the weeks ahead!

Until next time,

Sharon & Wayne

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Camping at Smith Mountain Lake State Park – July 14-16, 2020

When we visited Smith Mountain Lake State Park on New Year’s Day 2015, it was COLD! It was SO cold that we didn’t spend much time outside exploring, but we hoped to come back another time when we could really enjoy the park.

It took us a while (5 years!), but we finally reserved a non-specific site for two nights at the campground and down the road we went, with our Coachmen Clipper following along behind us!

When we checked in at the visitor’s center, the young ranger behind the desk said we’d have a choice of 3 pull-through sites, which she highlighted on a map. Cool! When we got to the campground, however, only one of those sites was available. Alrighty… (We later learned that the camp host was off the day we arrived, so the center hadn’t been updated regarding open sites.)

The road through the campground is one way, and our pull-through site was on the left side of the road. The hookups for electric and water were on the left side of the site (which is normal), but the picnic table and fire pit were also on the left side of the site–and up half a dozen steps…. Fellow campers, do you see the problem here? If we’d pulled into the site as we should have (given the one-way road), our door and awning would have opened towards the road and we would have had to walk around to the back side of the trailer to get to the table and fire pit. Fortunately, our trailer was small enough for us to make a u-turn into the campsite, and this gave us much more privacy and convenience.

We definitely liked some of the back-in sites in the campground better, but we had no complaints about the size of our site or the spacing between campsites! 🙂

After we had everything set up, we started to explore the park.

We drove down the Interpretive Trail Road to the Discovery Center (which we knew was closed) to get our first good views of the lake:

Next, we drove to the boat launch area and the swimming beach:

We got there a little before 6 p.m., and the concession stand was still open and lifeguards were on duty. We learned that the beach “officially” closes at 6, but people can swim after that–at their own risk–until dusk.

Back at our campsite that evening, Wayne fixed a simple and totally satisfying dinner: giant turkey, cheese, and cranberry sauce sandwiches! Yum!

It didn’t cool down much after dark, and since we’d been outside all day, we were ready to stretch out inside our air conditioned trailer. Just for the heck of it I decided to see if I could pick up any TV stations with our antenna, and I was astonished to find that we got over 25! Really?! That NEVER happens! So for the next few hours we thoroughly enjoyed watching shows on the H&I TV Network which featured Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise. I wish we could get this channel at home!

The next morning we were ready to swim! As we expected, the beach was much more crowded than it had been the evening before, but we still felt comfortable about being there as most people were respectful about distancing.

We only stayed for about an hour (not wanting to get sunburned), but we went back again that evening. And it was absolutely perfect then, plus we saw several Ospreys and a Great Blue Heron flying over the lake. So yeah, if I ever decide to run away from home, a good place to start looking for me might be Smith Mountain Lake….

Before returning to our campsite, we drove back out to the Discovery Center area. It was an incredibly beautiful and peaceful evening, and we felt so blessed to have the opportunity to safely visit such a place during these strange and troubled times…

Purple Martin & baby
Eastern Bluebird
Amazing sunset over Smith Mountain Lake

Dinner that night was a delicious Bertolli frozen meal. We love having a small freezer in the refrigerator of our trailer, and after years of using a Coleman camping stove, we’ve really enjoyed the convenience of cooking outside in an electric skillet.

Wayne started a campfire, and we enjoyed watching it from a distance. It was just too hot to want to be close to it, plus we weren’t wild about walking up and down the stairs at night. We put our string of blue lights along the side of the stairs, just to put some light there. Again, the layout of the pull-through campsites aren’t really ideal, especially for folks of a certain age…. 😉

I always sleep extremely well when we’re camping, and the next morning I woke up, started the coffee, then went outside while Wayne was still asleep. When I looked down our driveway towards the back of the trailer, I saw what I thought was a long, thin branch. Hmm, wonder where that came from? Wayne had picked up all the sticks he could find to use as kindling for the fire….

It took my pre-coffee brain a second to realize that it wasn’t a stick!

Ah, I’d forgotten that July 16th was World Snake Day! I’m just thankful that it chose to do its celebratory pass-through BEHIND our camper instead of coming UNDER our camper (and potentially between my feet!) while I was sitting out there under the awning! 😉

Even though checkout time was at 1:00 p.m., it was drizzly with the threat of storms, so after a quick breakfast of bagels and cream cheese, we decided to pack up and head out a little early. On the drive down to Smith Mountain Lake State Park we’d followed our GPS, which had guided us on the shortest route, but not necessarily the best route when towing a trailer. A much better way to get to or from the park from Rt. 460 (East or West) is shown in the picture below:

Even with the rain and clouds, it was a beautiful drive home….

Smith Mountain Lake State Park is truly another gem in the Virginia State Park system, and I can certainly understand why this whole area is a popular vacation destination. With campgrounds, rental cottages, boating, fishing, hiking, bicycling, historical sites and more, Smith Mountain Lake offers something for everyone. We really shouldn’t wait another five years before visiting again!

Until next time,

Sharon & Wayne

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Camping at Bear Creek Lake State Park – June 7-9, 2020

For our second trip of 2020, we went to Bear Creek Lake State Park in Cumberland County, VA. After doing a day trip to this park in 2016, we thought it would be nice to camp where we could also swim.

We took I-64 East to Rt. 15 South, crossing the James River at Bremo Bluff.

After that, our GPS took us the shortest way to the park, but not necessarily the best way when towing a trailer. Despite driving on some narrow roads with blind hills we arrived safely, and we were pleased to see a little Phoebe as we pulled into the campground.

We had reserved a “non-specific” site, and our camp host helped to guide us into site #27 in Black Oak loop.

It was late afternoon when we finally went to the lake–not to swim, but just to check it out. As usual, we had the camera with us!

Learned something new: Great Blue Herons can swim!

When we got back to our campsite, dinner was sort of a non-event. It was just too hot to cook, so we snacked on bagels and cream cheese, skipped our traditional campfire, and opted to simply sit out under the awning with a fan blowing on us. Thankfully, it wasn’t as hot as it was when we camped at Pocahontas State Park in July 2019, but we were very glad to have air conditioning in the trailer, cold drinks, and internet access. 🙂

Wayne’s youngest brother and his wife frequently come to the park to swim, and they stopped by our campsite the next morning on their way to the lake. By the time we were ready to join them, they were already in the water. We enjoyed visiting with them!

We didn’t stay out in the sun TOO long, but given how red our faces were, it was apparently long enough!

That evening we went back to the lake, just to soak up more beautiful scenery in this peaceful setting, and we also drove around to explore more of the park.

We came “home” to our sweet little travel trailer, and we cooked dinner that night outside in an electric skillet. We’ve usually used a camp stove, but using the skillet worked great!

Bertolli Chicken Florentine

We thoroughly enjoyed our midweek visit to Bear Creek Lake State Park, and our camp hosts (John, Betsey, and Carol) couldn’t have been more friendly and accommodating! We look forward to camping there again in the future!

Until next time,

Sharon & Wayne

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Camping at Misty Mountain – June 23-24, 2020

We got a late start with our camping this year, and for our first trip of 2020 we kept it very local and reserved a “full hookup” site in the upper campground at Misty Mountain. By staying close to home we didn’t have to bring everything with us at one time, so we rolled on up the road and got to the campground right at 1:00 pm.

While backing up the trailer isn’t my strong suit, with Wayne’s guidance it only took a few tries to get it where we wanted it in our campsite. (Dare I say I’m getting a little better at this?) We chocked the wheels, disconnected the car and moved it out of the way, and then started the process of leveling the trailer.

We aren’t really camping newbies so I can’t use THAT as an excuse, but we soon realized that we’d need to put blocks under the wheel of the trailer on one side to make it level. Of course the only way to PUT blocks under the wheel was to move the trailer. And the only way to move the trailer (sigh…) was to hitch it up to the car again. Alrighty….

Instead of guiding the wheel up onto the yellow “Lego” blocks by arranging them into “steps” (since we didn’t have enough of them….), Wayne decided to use a sturdy piece of wood as a “ramp.” As a result, we wound up with this:

As sketchy as it looked, the trailer was perfectly level, and when we lowered the front and rear stabilizers, everything seemed secure. Wayne wedged a rock under the board as a precaution.

Once we got all of our cords and hoses hooked up, we were finally settled in site # 71, with reservations for two nights. It was fun to display our personalized Virginia Campers flag that we’d ordered from RnC Crafts.

We drove home to get food and other things we didn’t bring on the first trip, then spent most of the late afternoon and evening in the trailer as several bands of rain moved through. It was certainly nice to have both air conditioning and cable TV! 🙂

Fortunately, the next day brought milder temperatures and much lower humidity levels. Practicing “social distancing” at its finest, we enjoyed simply hanging out on the deck under the awning. It was one of the most laid-back and relaxing days we’ve had in a long time!

The biggest challenge of the afternoon was when I dropped one of my paintbrushes and it rolled across the deck and fell between the boards….

Given that the deck was closed on the sides, we had to “MacGyver” a method to retrieve it. By putting a small amount of duct tape on the end of the wand we use to raise and lower our awning, we were able to first move the brush so that it was parallel to the boards and centered between them. A new piece of duct tape allowed us to carefully, carefully lift it up and onto the deck.


For dinner, Wayne fixed giant tortillas stuffed with scrambled eggs, onion, garlic, and cheese….

…and just before it was dark we took a walk around the upper campground before returning to our sparkly, awning-covered deck.

We don’t make S’mores EVERY camping trip, but it seemed like a good idea for the first time out! (And they were delicious!)

While we certainly missed the things we usually do when we stay at Misty Mountain–swimming, playing pool in the community center, listening to karaoke or live music, talking with fellow campers, etc.–finally being able to go somewhere for a couple of days (even if it was just up the road) was a very positive experience!

We sincerely appreciated the new safety protocols implemented by the staff at Misty Mountain, and we also appreciated the fact that most (but not all…) of our fellow campers were following them.

Camping CAN be a relatively low-risk activity during these strange times, so we’ll continue to be careful and cautious this summer when we venture out. 🙂

Until next time,

Sharon & Wayne

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