Art Education

Lesson Plan

Subject/Title: Ukrainian-Style Scratchboard Eggs

Grade Level: 3-5

Objectives: To introduce students to Ukrainian-style egg art, and to allow them to produce a scratchboard design in this style.

Goals: Students will produce a two-dimensional Ukrainian-style egg using a scratchboard technique.


Photographs/examples of Ukrainian-style eggs
Oak tagboard, pre-cut to oval shapes, approximately 4"-6"
White paper/pencils
Black tempera paint, dishwashing detergent, paintbrushes
Stylus (paper clips, embroidery needle, etc.)

Show examples of eggs decorated with Ukrainian motifs. Show example of two-dimensional project done in this style.


  • Color oval tagboard with crayon, pressing heavily. (Write name on back of tagboard.)
  • Paint over colored tagboard using black tempera mixed with detergent. (Caution: Too much detergent makes paint flake off in large chunks; too little makes paint difficult to remove.)
  • While paint is drying, make pencil sketches on white paper, using Ukrainian motifs, to plan design.
  • When paint is dry, lightly sketch design on black tempera surface.
  • Scratch design onto "egg" using stylus. Encourage use of wide lines and scratched-away shapes.
  • Note: This project is most suitable for students grades 3 and up. Older students should be encouraged to produce more detailed designs. Could be used as a spring/Easter activity.