Assessing the Changes

After bringing the trailer home from the shop, it seemed like weeks before we had a chance to really get inside, look around or even think of what we would need to do, ourselves, to make it ready for camping.  Actually it WAS weeks….  Between cold weather, rainy weekends and crazy schedules, there just wasn’t time or opportunity to work on it.  Finally in March we assessed what had been done at the shop:


Lights had been mounted on the side of the closet, and the switch on the closet controls a newly-installed “porch” light.


A light was also installed in what would be the rear wall of the bathroom.


Lights and outlets were put on the back walls near the permanent bed platform.


An outlet was put in the lower part of the closet–which will eventually hold an A/C unit.  As I’ve mentioned before, at some time there WAS an air conditioner in this spot; there’s a drain in the floor of the closet, and a vent on the outside of the trailer.


Driver’s side cabinet structure with lights and outlets.


Passenger side structure with lights and outlets.

It’s a good start!