Silk purses and sow’s ears…

Once we had the trailer home, we started trying to figure out just what to do with it!  The only “standard” equipment in it was a fiberglass closet beside the door (passenger side), which helped to support the roof.  The previous owner had also cut a couple of pieces of wood for the other side to also offer roof support, and he’d started making a platform in the back for a permanent bed.  All good things….





We were really curious about the history of the trailer and wondered why it had never had propane, appliances, lights, and other things that you typically see in Scamp trailers.  The previous owner told us that he’d bought it from a construction company that had used it as a mobile office, and from other information we found, it’s possible that it was sold–as a shell–to the military in the mid-1990s to use as a mobile command center.

It HAD originally had the “rat fur” fabric on the walls, but the guy we bought it from had ripped it all out, saying it was awfully dirty.  Ack, maybe so, but it probably could have been cleaned…  At least it still had the “bubble wrap” insulation in it!


But the vent was damaged, so we knew we’d have to have that replaced, and we just didn’t have the skills to do the wiring, in order to add lights and outlets….

We called a couple of RV repair shops (the closest one was an hour away) and everyone wanted to see it before even giving a ballpark estimate for the most critical work that needed to be done.  Wayne then asked a camping friend if he could recommend a shop, and as fate would have it the guy’s nephew had his OWN repair shop–just over the mountain from us!

We called him, and he drove over a few days later to take a look at it.  The initial estimate he gave us seemed do-able, and so we hitched it up and took it over to Valley RV Service.  Game on!