It’s Already August!!

Oh, my….  Summer is moving way too quickly now; we’ll both be back at school in a week or two!

We greatly enjoyed a short, mid-week trip to the beach, and we checked out a few campgrounds while we were there.  First Landing State Park has a nice campground, and our favorite sites were beach side in area “D”:


We also visited Holiday Trav-L Park near the resort area–and it was HUGE.  While I’d prefer to stay at First Landing, this place is open year-round.  Might not be a bad option for a late fall or early spring camping weekend when state parks aren’t open….


The last campground we toured was Virginia Beach KOA.  While I wasn’t overly impressed with the campsites, the cabins were really cute.


But back to work on the home front, this weekend Wayne put up the cross piece supports in the bathroom, and everything is so very sturdy!  Aside from figuring out how we want to secure the “Luggable Loo” when the trailer is moving, this area is just about done.  Still no firm plan regarding a door (eventually) or a curtain (short-term), but it looks nice.


He also finished framing in the bed extension–just a few more things to do to have that ready!


It was getting warm in the trailer, so I plugged in the fan, turned it on–and nothing happened.  Wayne reminded me that we weren’t plugged up to the house, but I honestly thought that the battery would power the outlets.  Wrong.  So this was my introduction to the reality of 12-volt battery power: it works with the 12-volt lights in the trailer, but it doesn’t work with things that aren’t 12-volt.  I seriously had no idea….  Looks like we might need to purchase a 12-volt fan for times when we might not have electrical hook-ups….

THEN I realized that the air mattress we’d bought last spring was going to be too tall for the bed platform.  Not only would it block the outlets on the back wall of the cabinets, it would also increase the odds of accidentally kicking out a window at night!  Not good…  SO not good that we returned it to the store Sunday afternoon and started pricing Memory Foam mattresses.  We haven’t placed an order yet, but I think that will be our next semi-major expenditure.  (Last week I ordered a spare tire and tire cover for the trailer.)

On the positive side, after returning the air mattress, we wound up at Lowes again (what weekend is complete without a trip there?) where we bought more wood screws, some dark wood putty and wood for the future dinette frame.  We also went to Michael’s, and I was simply astounded by the selection of ribbon–WOW!  Standing in the ribbon aisle with the full range of colors in front of me was similar to the feeling I get when I go to a greenhouse in early spring; I literally bask in the splendor of color energy!  So many choices, so much to choose from! VERY impressed!

I’m still thinking that I’ll try to do tie-back “bands” for the curtains using pieces of ribbon.  If it doesn’t work, I can always make them out of the pieces of fabric I have left.  I couldn’t decide which color of ribbon would look best, though, so I bought 3 different rolls.  I’m kind of leaning towards the green, just for the “accent” feature.  What do you think?



4 thoughts on “It’s Already August!!

  1. my eye goes to the middle ribbon (the darker blue)..but the green would bring out the color more and it is more retro than the others. 🙂

    1. Thanks–this is exactly what I’m dealing with: “Hmmm, this would look nice, but that could work, too….” I think Wayne likes the darker blue, too. 🙂

  2. I vote for the green too, would look really nice. The trailer is really coming along and I’m enjoying seeing the progress and all the hard work YOU guys are doing, LOL. It will be so nice when it’s done and you guys will have great times and adventures going camping.

    1. Haven’t started on them yet–but jumped into ANOTHER project. Must be a couple of weeks before school starts–so many things to do, so little time left to do them! 😉

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