Holiday Weekend Progress

It’s so nice when we both have time off to work on the trailer and when the weather basically cooperates!  On July 3rd, we measured, cut and attached more of the marine hull liner fabric on the walls.  Our work area for spraying adhesive on the fabric is a tarp in the front yard.  We had to stop at one point when it started sprinkling….




I neglected to take pictures of these areas after they were finished, but it all looks pretty good. At this point we just have some small pieces of fabric to put in the upper cabinets, as well as putting on the seam cover strips. Yay!  I’ll be glad when this part is over!

On July 4th, Wayne started the process of reinforcing and extending the bed platform. The center divider will help to strengthen the platform, plus it will allow items that are put in from the side storage area to stay where we can reach them.  He also added some vertical supports at various places along the platform. Two pieces of curved plywood form the sleeping surface, and we don’t plan to permanently attach them so that we can access everything under the bed.  That said, we’ll probably use the front areas more than those in the far back on the driver’s side.



Last week we bought a print fabric for the curtains.  I’m not quite sure if we have enough to do all the windows, but my goal is to make curtains for the large front and back windows, first, and use a coordinating fabric for the side windows, if necessary.  The dark blue fabric will serve as a liner, offering privacy, as well as helping to block incoming morning light.  I think the fabric is much prettier in real life than it is in this picture, by the way!


Making the curtains should be a very interesting project for me.  While only simple seams are required, I don’t sew.  Seriously.  I don’t own an iron or an ironing board (yet).  I bought an older used Singer sewing machine last spring–which is in my classroom at school–and one of my co-workers gave me about a 30-minute lesson a couple of months ago.  I honestly don’t know if I can even remember how to thread the bobbin!  Various YouTube videos have helped me understand the mechanics of measuring, hemming and cutting the fabric to make the kind of curtains I want, but lack of familiarity with the machine could, indeed, be a challenge.

When we get ready for cushions for the front dinette, we’ll probably use a dark blue fabric, but with the colors in the curtains, we could even do a bright green.  Or if I’ve somehow morphed into an exceptional seamstress, maybe I’ll whip up some cushions that are blue with bright green piping!  Guess we’ll figure it out when we get there…

And so that brings us to flooring….  We’ve looked at Allure vinyl “planks” and at other vinyl peel ‘n stick tile patterns, but today I wondered if I could use some vinyl tiles that I have left over from some household renovations.  We spread out about a dozen to see if it would be too “orange” against the chestnut cabinets.


It’s not awful–and it would save some money to use something we’ve already got–but I really don’t like the color or the pattern that well for the trailer.  Guess we’ll keep on looking.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Weekend Progress

  1. Wow! It’s looking great! I love the dark colored cabinets with the light colored wall covering! Keep up the good work!! 🙂

  2. We really like this combination, too. 🙂

    Yesterday we bought flooring material (peel ‘n stick flooring “planks” in a rich cherry color) so that will be one of the next projects.

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