Piece by Piece….

We had the opportunity to do a bit more work on the trailer this morning, and our first project was cutting a piece of blue-gray indoor/outdoor carpet to go under the bed in the back.  We’ll use the space under the bed for storage and wanted to have a smooth surface for plastic bins and boxes which will slide in from the front.  We need to reinforce the bed frame–as well as divide it (front to back)–so that things that we put in through the outside access door will stay on the passenger side where we can reach them.  With the carpet down and the fabric up on the walls in the back, Wayne will be able to work on the bed extension (connecting it to the cabinets) so that it will be a full double in width (54″).


Since we had a little more time available, we put up some more of the fabric.  Again, this is not an easy job, but we’re pleased with what we’ve installed so far:





The good news is that I think we’ll have enough of the marine hull liner fabric that I ordered.  I had some concerns after hearing of someone who ordered far more of Scamp’s “rat fur” for her 13 ft. trailer than I did for our 16 ft trailer–and barely had enough!

After Wayne left for work, I went back out to the trailer and finished putting a 2nd coat of stain on areas that needed it.  Glad to have that done for now–we’ll need to stain again once we put doors on the cabinets–but with this much accomplished, we’ve been thinking again about flooring, fabric for curtains, backsplash material, etc…..