Back to Work!

The summer already seems to be slipping by too quickly, but we HAVE had a lot of things going on recently, including a first-time, incredibly amazing trip to Colorado to visit my youngest son.  Time well spent!  We checked out some camp grounds while we were there, so maybe someday we’ll do a big road trip and stay at Dowdy Lake Campground and Cherry Creek State Park Campground.


For now, however, we really need to get some things DONE, if we hope to use the trailer this summer!  Today’s project involved putting up more of the fabric (marine hull liner fabric instead of Scamp’s “rat fur.”)  This really isn’t particularly easy to do…

We started on the rear passenger side (door side or curb side, whatever you choose to call it).  I decided to do it in two sections: above and below the window.


The top piece was more challenging than the bottom due to the curve at the top.  The bottom side wound up being challenging, too, given the bed frame that fits so tightly into the space, and the need to cut around the access door.

Once we had that side done, Wayne suggested trying to use one BIG piece for the other side, instead of doing a top and bottom piece like we did on the other side.  I had my doubts, but at least we’ve learned that we can pull it off, re-spray with adhesive and re-attach if necessary….


So yeah, the curves were a challenge–as was the weight of a piece of fabric that big–so we took turns, giving both of us the opportunity to cut, spray, pull and cuss. 🙂




So now at least we have the back part of the trailer done, and I think it will look pretty good once we put a strip of fabric over the major seams. 🙂