Marine Headliner Fabric – Part 1

We’re still waiting for rain to test our re-installed window and caulking work from last weekend, but I rationalized that I could safely start putting the material on some of the walls–plus I just needed to do something to move this big project forward!

We really weren’t wild about using a spray adhesive, and I posted in a fiberglass RV forum this morning to see if there was some sort of paint-on adhesive that might work better.  There didn’t appear to be anything really designed for this type of material, so we decided to use the spray–and it was okay.

Ideally, I would have cut one huge piece of fabric to go beneath the rear window and up each side, but I just wasn’t sure how well we could manipulate such a large piece.  As a result, we put one big piece below the window:


We were able to pull the bed platform towards the front of the trailer a little, but it fits in there too tightly to take it out!  We had to crawl over it, which made all of this a little awkward.  I purposely left the fabric a little long at the floor; I’ll trim that–or not–later.  Once the bed is finished, you won’t see it.

Next, I cut a piece to go on the left side of the window.  While the seam between the upper and lower pieces isn’t awful, I may put a “seam cover” strip over it when I get to that stage.


First impression, though?  I LIKE the color (a silvery white) and the feel of the fabric, and I think it’s going to look really, really good!

Before doing more, however, we have GOT to get some really sharp scissors; this stuff isn’t all that easy to cut!

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    1. It’s kind of hard to tell! Maybe as much as 1/3 of a can? Or less? We were saying that things like this need to be in a clear container. We’re using the 3M-90 glue, on the medium setting, and it seems to be holding really well. We bought another can of it yesterday–at a different store–and were shocked to see that it was almost $10.00 cheaper! We paid over $20 at our local hardware store (where we try to buy whatever we can–buy local and all that…) and it was about $13 at a big box store.

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