More Curtains….

What started as a simple task of washing the curtains in the trailer ultimately led to the re-making of ALL of the curtains.  (Again I ask, how do I get myself into these things?)

The first one I made was the floral curtain for the “bathroom.”

There are two small side windows at the head and foot of the bed, and I used the same fabric to make new curtains for these windows. (The “blackout” fabric I thought I’d purchased was actually “light filtering” fabric, but whatever….  They’re pretty.)

I used a solid royal blue fabric for the curtains on the larger front and back windows.  While the formula for calculating the size of curtains is the window width times 1.5, divided by 2 (for 2 panels), I tried that for the front window and they just seemed too heavy and bulky (and short).

Fortunately, when I moved them to the back window, they worked fine.  (And I DID use blackout fabric behind these.)

I then made the curtains for the front window, purposely making them narrower and longer than the curtains for the back.  No, they don’t “drape” as well as the ones made using the “formula,” but I’m okay with that (less bulk, less to bunch up when opening them).  I’m still trying to decide if I want to use a lower curtain rod to help hold these closer to the front curved wall, but I could also add a couple of pieces of Velcro on the bottoms of all of the curtains since tiny Velcro tabs will stick to the fabric on the walls.

But all in all, I like the pop of color provided by the new curtains–especially as they play off the green of the dinette cushions.  While re-making these certainly wasn’t the original plan, ultimately I think it was a worthwhile effort! 🙂