Merry Christmas to Us!

Wow!  My two sons and my daughter-in-law went together to buy us a small generator for Christmas!  We can use this while camping if we’re somewhere without electricity (it’s surprisingly quiet), and we can also use it at home in the event of a power outage.  This is a VERY cool and greatly appreciated gift!  Thank you!


As an added “gift,” my son, Brandon, and my Grandpups (Harper and Yuma) made the long, long drive from Colorado to Virginia to be home for Christmas!  While he was here, Brandon showed us how to use the generator, plus he had another surprise for us. 🙂

sharon-brandon-122516  harper-yuma-122516-1

Over the years, he’s done a lot of camping in remote areas of Colorado.  He has the same generator, and he also uses solar panels to keep everything charged.  Since he’d upgraded his solar setup, he brought us one of his original panels and a charge controller for our trailer, too!  The solar panel should be able to keep the battery on the Scamp topped up all the time.

We decided to mount the controller inside of one of the front dinette benches.  This meant that Wayne had to drill a small hole through the shell of the trailer to run the wires from the battery to the controller.

solarwires-122716   solar-wires-battery

One wire connects to the battery, and the other one attaches to the solar panel.  Once everything was connected, the blue light came on to let us know that the panel and controller were working properly.  For now (with the trailer sitting in the driveway for the winter) we have the panel on the south-facing end of the trailer.

solar-controller-122716  solar-panel-122716

What wonderful, Scamp-related gifts, and what a wonderful visit!