A/C, Tree Work & Music….

Wayne made a lot of progress on installing an air conditioner into the closet…..

AC-083015-3 AC-Insulation-082915-2

…but then we were advised to NOT use the insulation and had to start over…..

We’ve got the stuff for Plan B, but we haven’t had the time to get started on it.

In the meantime, an apple tree at the end of the driveway was so loaded with apples that we couldn’t have gotten the trailer out if we’d wanted to, due to the low-hanging branches!


Therefore, I had some more tree work done, which included pruning back the branches on the apple tree and also taking out the most likely threats for other branches that could hit the trailer.  Much better!


So no new work on the trailer to report, but we had a great time on Sunday, September 6th when Wayne and his band played at a “Give Back Festival” to benefit a local early childhood learning center.  Hope you enjoy the video!