Art Education

Lesson Plan

Subject/Title: Shape Collages

Grade Level: PreK-2

Objectives: To increase students' awareness of geometric shapes, and to introduce a collage technique.

Goals: Students will become more familiar with shapes by producing a shape collage.


Construction or manila paper, 9"x12"

Variety of different geometric shapes in assorted colors of construction paper

White glue


  1. Have students name/identify various geometric shapes
  2. Explain that collage involves gluing objects onto paper to form a design or a picture
  3. Encourage students to use a variety of shapes in designs or patterns to create colorful collages.


  1. Involvement in and enjoyment of activity
  2. Increased ability to identify geometric shapes (and colors)
  3. Completion of project

Note: This activity can be adapted to various units of study. For example, students could use geometric shapes to illustrate nursery rhymes or their favorite stories. It could also be adapted to include textures if the shapes were cut from cloth, cardboard, sandpaper, etc.