A Timeline of Art
Prehistoric Art

Most students were already aware of the famous cave paintings in Lascaux, France, and as the theme, "A Timeline of Art", focuses on art throughout the ages, early discussions involved speculations about the possible reasons why people--from the "beginning" of time--have created (and continue to create) artwork. After watching the segment on Lascaux from the "Sister Wendy Story of Painting" video, and reading First Painter and a variety of other books, students learned more about man's earliest artwork.

They also discussed the "art materials" that prehistoric peoples had at their disposal, and questioned how much of their work might have been lost due to decay and disintegration over thousands of years. The students' many insights and their contributions to class discussions helped to set the tone for the first projects in "The Timeline of Art" theme.

The Projects:
Drawings of Animal Skulls
Portraits in Charcoal
Painted "Cave Walls"
Hand Stencils and Prints
Rock Animals

Prehistoric Art Resources:
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