Art Education
Lesson Plan

Subject/Title: Patterned Ink Drawings
Grade Level: 8-12
Objectives: To allow students to explore a variety of ink-drawn patterns, visual textures and designs in an ongoing art project.
Goals: Students will create an ink drawing in which a variety of lines, patterns, and designs are incorporated into a visually engaging composition.

White paper, preferably cardstock, size and shape optional
Ultra-Fine black permanent markers (Sharpies)

1. Show examples of patterned ink drawings.
2. Explain that students will be working on an ink drawing when they have finished their other class work. They are to start in one corner of the paper and work outward, always making sure that each element of the drawing is touching a previously drawn portion. They are to make each component different from the other elements in their drawing. They can strictly use patterns, but sometimes the negative space around the elements will suggest an object, and those can be included.
3. Emphasize that there should be little "planning" for this; the best designs seem to spring from spontaneous imagination. If they make a "mistake," they should simply alter the pattern to incorporate it.
4. Drawings should be continued until the paper is full of lines, textures, and designs.

Note: This activity is a "filler" assignment which is sort of high-end "doodling." Iíve found that students really enjoy working on these, and some designs have been very creative and complex!


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