Art Education
Lesson Plan

Teacherís Name: Sharon Barrett Kennedy
Subject/Title: Leaf Prints
Grade Level: PreK-4
Objectives: To enhance students' understanding of and appreciation for leaves, and to introduce a printing technique.
Goals: Students will gain appreciation of fall leaves by producing leaf prints.

Leaves in assorted sizes, shapes, and types (fresh green leaves work best)
Paper (bulletin board, construction or sulphite)
Tempera paint (red, yellow, orange, brown, green)

1. Collect a variety of pliable leaves in assorted shapes, types, and sizes
2. Discuss leaf texture--smooth on one side and bumpy on the other.
3. Ask students to tell what makes the other side "bumpy" (veins) and what they are for.
4. Have students paint a thin, even coat of tempera on the rough side of the leaf.
5. Turn the leaf over onto the paper and press firmly with fingers or with a spoon to produce a print. (More than one print may be made after the leaf is painted, and the second or third print often shows more of the leaf texture and structure.)
6. Carefully lift up the leaf and use it to print again.

1. Involvement in and enjoyment of activity
2. Completion of project
3. Ability to use art vocabulary (print, texture, tempera) in informal discussion.

Prints may be made on individual sheets of paper, or the students may work together to print leaves on a large painted tree (previously painted on bulletin board paper). Single prints may be made on a folded half sheet of construction paper to create a card, or students may make a fall leaf picture by printing a variety of overlapping leaves on one large sheet of paper.