Sports Cars

Ferrari....Lamborghini....Alfa Romeo....Fiat.... Italy is known for its luxury sports automobiles, and as part of our study of the art of this country, middle school students were challenged to either replicate or design a sports car.

Using Sculpey clay as the modeling material, students first looked at pictures of cars in books, magazines, calendars and the Internet. After deciding on the model that they wanted to use or adapt, they drew their dream cars from several different views.

They were given enough Sculpey to make a vehical approximately 2-3 inches high and 5-6 inches long. To begin the process of sculpting their cars, students made a rectangular block of the Sculpey that was about the height, width and length of the car they wanted to make. Then they carved the clay to achieve the approximate shape.

They used toothpicks and clay tools to add details.
Carved off pieces of clay were re-used to sculpt additional details.

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