Art Education
Lesson Plan

Subject/Title: Hieroglyphic Cartouche Pendants

Grade Level: Art Foundations (Middle to Upper Elementary)

Objectives: To increase studentsí awareness of Egyptian art forms and styles.
Goals: Students will produce decorative Egyptian "cartouche" pendants with their names written in hieroglyphics.

Shrinky Dinks plastic, cut to 4" x 5" oval
Toaster oven, hot mitt
Practice Paper, pencils
Hieroglyphic alphabet chart hand-outs
Examples of various Egyptian symbols
Colored pencils
Hole punch

1. Show student photographs of Egyptian cartouches, were like "name plates.
2. Explain that they will be creating cartouche pendants which have their name, written vertically in hieroglyphics.
3. Pass out alphabet charts and have students practice writing their name in hieroglyphics, both horizontally and vertically on practice paper.
4. Trace around pre-cut Shrinky Dink which has a hole in the top center edge, and have students write their name for a third time, vertically, within the drawn box.
5. When they are pleased with the placement of their hieroglyphs, they may lightly trace their name onto the rough side of the clear Shrinky Dink material.
6. Using colored pencils, have students color in their hieroglyphs.
7. Establish a border of vertical lines on either side of their name. From this border outward to the edge of the material, students may decorate their pendant with other Egyptian symbols and designs.
8. When students are finished with their designs, place them in a toaster oven at 300 degrees for approximately two minutes. (Place plastic on a piece of brown bag material to prevent sticking.) Watch closely. When the material lies flat and is significantly reduced in size, it is probably "done."
9. Remove from oven and press firmly with a hot mitt to flatten.
10. When cool, have students tie yarn through the hole to create a pendant.

1. Following directions.
2. Accurate decoding of the hieroglyphs to produce their name.
3. Ability to use correct terminology and define words associated with this project.
4. Quality of design and craftsmanship.
5. Enjoyment of activity

Note: The Shrinky Dink material has been wonderful! Information on ordering this product may be found at the following website:


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