A Timeline of Art: Greek Art
Black Figure Amphoras

Incorporating reading and writing across the curriculum was easy with this project, as students were eager to read the mythical stories of Ancient Greece! Their favorite book was D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths .

After deciding upon their favorite myth, they wrote a brief summary of it and also made an oral presentation in class. During their presentation, they retold their story and talked about the part of the myth that they would illustrate.

Students looked at a variety of photographs of Greek pottery to prepare them for drawing a representation of a black figure amphora with a mythological design. After making several preliminary sketches, they lightly sketched their final illustration on red paper, which had been cut into an amphora shape. When they were pleased with their pencil drawings, they went back over the lines with black markers. In addition to the myth illustration, they were required to incorporate at least one pattern on their amphora. The finished drawings were mounted on white posterboard, and the students were pleased with their results!




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