A few years ago we created our first simple fountain. It's undergone various incarnations since then, and it's now in a bigger bowl that includes a variety of rocks and stones.

The largest rock in the fountain is a chunk of rose quartz. Others include a piece of white quartz that came from my family's ancestral land, and another is a smooth "potato" rock that I picked up from the banks of the Maury River where it cuts through Goshen Pass. Yet another is a piece of white quartz that I found on the grounds of the school where I teach. Each rock in the fountain is special to me in some way, even if it appears to be just a "common" stone....

The latest additions to the fountain are three desert rocks from Arizona that had no interest at all in being submerged in water, though they had no problem with the idea of making the trip east. We were able to reach a compromise when I placed them in the center where the water bubbles out. They just barely get their "feet" wet, and this seems to suit them. I'm not sure what the center rock is (it's very red in color), but it's flanked by pyrite and unpolished turquoise. I've always preferred rocks and crystals in their natural form, rather than ones that have been artificially cut and polished.

I made the silk flower wreath several years ago, and at one point we had a pot of ivy behind a smaller fountain that we'd made. From time to time, floating candles make their way into the water, too.

I enjoy this little uncluttered corner of my life, and I love to hear the gentle burble of the water and see the candles' flames reflected and dancing across the water's surface. With the elements of earth, air, water and fire represented, our fountain area has become a soothing and symbolic spot of "sacred space."


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