Spring is my favorite season! I love to be outside after the long, cold, colorless winter, and I've developed a real need to "dig in the dirt" each year when the weather starts to get warm. I enjoy taking digital photographs of my flowers and flowering trees, and I invite you to take a "virtual tour" of my gardens--which have changed a lot over the years.

Many of the images on this page are available in a larger size for publication purposes. Please email me if you're interested in using my photographs and please don't assume it's okay to use these or other copyrighted photographs without permission. Thanks!

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Hoverfly on Coreopsis "Moonbeam"


The shady Hosta garden in early morning light

Cica's Garden

This is a memorial garden for my soulmate kitty, Cica, who died in April 2002 at the age of 20. Blueberry bushes, a bleeding heart and impatiens are planted here. In 2005 three astilbes, Cranesbill "Brookside", an azalea, Anemone "Honorine Jobert" and a columbine were added.

Copyrighted Image

I think this picture of ripe blueberries is the most popular image on my website!
Over the years it's been used (with permission) by a magazine in New England, by Kohr Bros., and in a horticulture book.

Cranesbill "Brookside"

© SBK 2005

Cranesbill "Rozanne"

© SBK 2006

Verbena "Homestead Purple"

© SBK 2005

"Dr. Huey" Rose
© SBK 2005

Rose Campion (Lychnis Coronaria)
© SBK 2005

Butterfly Weed
© SBK 2005

Monarch Butterfly on Buddleia "Royal Red"

© SBK 2005

Balloon Flower (Platycodon grandiflorus)
© SBK 2005

Bee Balm (Monarda)
© SBK 2005

Clematis "Jackmanii"

© SBK 2006

Clematis "Asao"

© SBK2006

Shasta Daisy & Pink Hollyhock
© SBK 2005

Stargazer Lilies

Beautiful, but deadly to cats!

© SBK 2005

July 2004: Blackeyed Susans

June 2005: Daylilies, Blackeyed Susans, Coreopsis,
Pentsemon, Monarda and Zinnias are in my "Yellow Garden."

July 2005: Phlox, Balloon Flowers, Dianthus, Verbena, Daisies,
Daylilies, Chrysanthemums & Zinnias grow in my "Mailbox Garden."

June 2006: Heuchera "Purple Palace," Hosta "Patriot," Liriope,
and Impatiens are in the new Birdbath-Shade Garden.

While it hovers and flies just like a tiny hummingbird,
a Hummingbird Clearwing moth (Hemaris thysbe) sips nectar from the phlox!

St. Francis, Impatiens & Bleeding Heart
Cica's Garden

St. Francis, Hostas & Bleeding Heart
East Shade Garden

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Southern Hawker

Great Leopard

Frittillary on
Blackeyed Susan

Swallowtails "Puddling"

Virginia Toad

Tiger Swallowtail on
Butterfly Bush


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