Art Education
Lesson Plan

Grade Level: 5-12
Goal: To encourage students to look at objects and think in terms of shape, form and line while increasing common art vocabulary.
Objectives: Students will produce a simple drawing based on a verbal description.

Unlined white paper
Index cards with simple designs drawn on them.


  1. Seat two students together at a table. One student will be the "drawer," and the other student will be the "describer."
  2. The "describer" holds an index card on which is drawn a simple design comprised of geometric shapes. The "drawer" has a blank sheet of paper and a pencil, and is not allowed to see the card.
  3. The "describer" chooses a starting point and tells the "drawer" to (for example) draw a horizontal line in the center of the page that is approximately 3 inches long.
  4. The "describer" may look at the drawing that is being produced by the "drawer" and may offer verbal corrections (regarding length of the line, size of the circle, etc.) but may not offer visual cues (by motioning).
  5. The "describer" continues to offer verbal cues to the "drawer" until the drawing is completed. Compare the completed drawing with the image on the index card.
  6. Switch roles and choose a new card.

Click here to see sample game cards.



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