Art Education

Lesson Plan

Grade Level: K-5

Objectives: To allow students to create a winter scene and to introduce them to the concepts of evaporation and crystal formation.

Goals: Students will produce a winter-like scene while learning about evaporation and crystal formation.


Construction paper (dark blue or black, preferably)
Epsom salts, waters, containers
Magnifying glasses (optional)


  1. Have students draw a winter/snow scene on a sheet of construction paper.
  2. Paint over finished drawing with a solution of equal parts epsom salts and water.
  3. Ask students to predict what will happen as their pictures dry.
  4. (Optional) Discuss evaporation and the re-formation of salt crystals.
  5. Note: Students may want to look at their finished, dry pictures with a magnifying glass to more closely examine salt crystal structure. Explain that as the water evaporates, it allows the salt crystals to re-form.
    This activity may be integrated with winter/snow units in lower primary grades, or it may be used when older students are studying about evaporation, water cycles, or crystals in science.