Kindergarten examples

Art Education
Lesson Plan

Grade Level: K-5
Objectives: To introduce students to relief sculpture technique while increasing their awareness of skeletal structure.
Goals: Students will produce skeleton representations using cotton swabs.

Black construction paper, 9"x12" or smaller
Cotton swabs
White glue
White paper or white felt "skulls" (teacher may pre-cut, depending on age of students)
White chalk or white colored pencils.

1. Discuss skeletons and bones. Have students feel their ribs and the bones in their arms and legs. Have them stand, squat or sit in different positions and think of what their skeletons would look like in these positions.
2. Pass out paper and have students write their name on back then turn over.
3. Choose where to glue down the skull (based on the position of their skeleton)
4. Using whole or cut-to-size cotton swabs glued in place, create a skeleton in motion
5. If desired, students may add finger digits with other small details with white chalk or white colored pencil. Other details may also be added by gluing on bits of construction paper.

Notes: This activity may be coordinated with Halloween OR it may be done in conjunction with classroom studies about body systems.


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