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I'd dreamed of creating a small pond for years, and the dream became even stronger when we moved to a new house in the spring of 2001. With over 1/2 acre of land, I could see several wonderful "pond sites" and started reading about the challenges and rewards of creating a backyard pond.

On April 2, 2002--while grilling hamburgers in the backyard--it occurred to me that the ground might be soft enough to dig, due to recent rains. The next thing I knew, I was impulsively digging up sod and making some serious dents in what had been a rather nice section of "lawn."

April 2, 2002--view from the porch of the pond-to-be

April 4, 2002--the perimeter is established....What to do with the dirt?!

April 13, 2002--All the sod is gone and the center is slowly getting deeper.
Not enough time to dig!!

April 14, 2002--More dirt removed from the center, and almost to the correct depth.
I'll start expanding this back towards the sides, as time permits.

October 2002 Update: What a disappointment! An injury forced me to stop digging shortly after the last picture was taken, and by the time I was ready to start again, summer heat and the drought were upon us! Many pond owners in Central Virginia had to relocate their fish due to water restrictions--their ponds were drying up and it was unlawful to refill them. Maybe this can be finished next spring????

Spring 2004

Um, still no pond; just a bigger hole in the ground!

April 2004: After heavy rains

June 7, 2004: What an overgrown mess!

June 16, 2004: What I've got in mind.....

June 19, 2004: Trying to reclaim this from the clover--and get things level!

June 20, 2004: More work on leveling and clover eradication!

June 20, 2004: This has really gotten larger than I'd first envisioned....
Approximately 16' x 14' x 32"

June 21, 2004: View from the porch
Darn groundhogs ate all the petunia blossoms again!!

Still June 2006....

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