Art Education

Lesson Plan

Teacherís Name: Sharon Barrett Kennedy

Subject/Title: Animal Habitat Dioramas

Grade Level: K-5

Objectives: To enhance students' understanding of animal habitats.

Goals: Students will produce animal habitat dioramas.


Shoebox and lid (one per child)
Construction paper, tissue paper, tin foil, string, yarn, sticks, etc.
Modeling clay
Masking tape

Ask students where they would find various animals (farms, house, forest, pond, desert, etc.) Discuss/review terms such as background and foreground. Encourage creativity and a variety of animals and habitats.


    1. .
    2. Turn shoebox on side and set insdie lid so that lid forms a tray. Tape box to lid on the back.
    3. Using construction paper and other materials as needed, cut and paste inside the box to create an appropriate background (sky, trees, etc.).
    4. Using construction paper, yarn, etc., cover the bottom of box to make an appropriate ground.
    5. Using modeling clay, make an animal that one would find in this environment.
    6. Continue to add items to complete the animal's environment.
    7. Note: This activity can be adapted to various units. During the study of dinosaurs, the kindergarten students I worked with created dinosaur dioramas. Given its adaptablity, it is suitable for all elementary age students. Encourage creative thinking, and older students, in particular, may want to research the animal and habitat of their choice.