November 20, 2014:
Charcoal Portraits
Ink Drawings

October 23, 2014:
Colored Pencil on Black Paper
Ink & Watercolor

October 1, 2014:
Colored Pencil Paintings
White Pencil on Black Paper

August 13, 2014:
"The Claudius Crozet Story" - DVD Documentary

May 30, 2014:
Bluebirds, May 2014

May 21, 2014:
Art 1 Monochromatic Paintings
Adv Art Free Choice Projects
Art 1 Animal Drawings
Oaxacan-Style Paintings

May 17, 2014:
Art 2 Free Choice Drawings
Art 1 Free Choice Drawings
Art 2 Ink Drawings

May 9, 2014:
Student Progress in Portraiture
Adv Art Book Illustrator Project
2014 Student Art Show

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