November 17, 2013:
"In the Styles of the Artists"

June 12, 2013:
"Tales from the Garden"

May 9, 2013:
Sculpey Creations

April 28, 2013:
Spring 2013 Art Show

April 2, 2013:
Student Progress in Portraiture
Charcoal Portraits
Art Nouveau-Inspired Projects
Honors Art Gallery

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Established in 1999 with a focus on Art Education and the celebration of young people engaged in the visual arts process, the Art-Rageous website has grown over the years to include sections on genealogy, gardening, environmental topics, spirituality, online shopping and much, much more.

Latest updates are listed on the left, and the links on the right lead to the major sections of this 500+ page website. Are you looking for something in particular? Try entering a key word in the Search Engine.

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